Courtney Nealis Sconza is the designer and creator of Court.

A Chicagoland native, Courtney graduated from the University of Illinois with dual degrees in French and journalism. After graduation, she turned her focus away from crepes and newspapers and onto jewelry making. Her first jewelry line, Purple, was characterized by intricate beadwork offset by semi-precious stones and vintage glass, and was sold in Chicago and Brooklyn. A fortuitous meeting with Lawrence Graff led her to enroll at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America where she earned Graduate Gemologist and Applied Jewelry Arts degrees. Courtney honed her design and fabricating skills and furthered her gemological experience by working with esteemed jewelers on both the east and west coasts before launching Court.

Courtney believes in creating permanent pieces by using only the highest quality materials in each of her designs. Each piece is inspected with an editorial eye for detail and durability, providing edgy elegance that transcends trends and instead speaks to individual style. Often described as "wearable art," each Court design has a story of its own and it is our hope that these stories will be treasured for generations to come.


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